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We were all born with smooth, baby-soft skin. As we go through life, skin is subject to numerous experiences that leave it less than perfect.

Some of us are lucky enough to escape these hazards, although time, heredity and gravity are still doing their part to create fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. Over-exposure to the sun, alcohol use, and smoking are all known to significantly accelerate the development of these natural signs of aging.

Until now we have only had two laser options to treat aging and sun-damaged skin: ablative laser procedures and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers produced great results but came with significant side effects and prolonged recovery. Non-ablative lasers promised minimal recovery but provided less dramatic results — even after multiple treatments.

Fractional Laser Treatments

Fractional Laser resurfacing is performed by our doctor for patients from Apex and throughout North Carolina to dramatically improve skin texture, smooth out acne scars, improve pigmentation problems such as Melasma and brown spots, and reduce fine to moderate lines and wrinkles in just a few treatments with minimal or no downtime.

Using the Fractional Laser we can stimulate regeneration of the deeper collagen and elastin tissues while resurfacing about 20% of your skin's surface with each treatment. The Fractional Laser remodels the collagen within the skin without harming your skin's surface, while producing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin with minimal or no downtime. The Fractional Laser provides all of the improvements associated with ablative laser procedures but without any significant interference with daily activities.

How do Fractional Laser Treatments work?

The Fractional Laser is specially designed to alter only portions of the target skin tissue. Think of it as digital tissue editing. The Fractional Laser creates multiple, microscopic, subsurface thermal treatments. Together these micro-treatments cause a change in the collagen and elastin which gradually improves the appearance of your aging and sun-damaged skin. It also results in a healing process with very little, if any, downtime.

In addition, the Fractional Laser penetrates to a very precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safe and predictable, while reducing the risk of scarring or pigmentation problems.

Why choose Fractional Laser Treatments?

  • Fractional Laser Treatments minimize the risk for causing bruising, bleeding, crusting or scarring.
  • Fractional Laser Treatments provide a level of control that cannot be achieved with any other lasers.
  • Fractional Laser Treatments require little, if any, recovery time.

How many Fractional Laser Treatments will I need?

Most indications seem to respond after only 3 - 6 treatments spaced about 7 - 28 days apart. The Fractional Laser produces a gradual remodeling of collagen under your skin's surface. Improvements in the appearance of your skin will continue for up to six months or more.

What is the Fractional Laser Treatment like?

First, the area to be treated is cleansed. Then, a blue tint is applied to your skin. This blue tint aids the laser's hand piece to precisely read the discreet contours of the treatment area. For your comfort, a topical anesthetic ointment is applied to the treatment area. The anesthetic requires 45 - 60 minutes to take full effect. Our physician performs your treatment using an ointment as the contact lubricant between your skin and the computer's hand piece. The hand piece is gently guided across the skin like an airbrush painting your skin with micro-treatments beneath the surface of your skin. After your treatment, the blue tint is then washed off. Treatments normally take about 20 - 25 minutes.

How will I look following my Fractional Laser Treatments?

After our doctor performs your Fractional Laser Treatments, fine lines around your eyes and mouth will fade away; uneven pigmentation and brown spots caused by the sun will also fade away. Side effects are minimal and generally consist of mild “sunburn” and some swelling. The swelling normally subsides in a day or so, while some redness may last for several days. Make-up can be resumed immediately and you may return to all routine activities.